1/3 Grill Pan

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Experience the pleasure of baking with this new line of high-temperature bakeware!
Made in Italy Exclusively for Fiero
This high quality cast-aluminum bakeware is perfect for any situation where a chef would want to use cast iron. Designed to perform under high-temperature conditions in wood-fired ovens. The unique thermal properties of this cast-aluminum material results in faster pre-heating times, as well as a quicker cool-down when ready to serve. It's lighter weight reduces accidental damage of your brick oven floor and is easier for the chef to handle.
Featuring a beautiful exterior finish with non-stick coating, this cast-aluminum bakeware excels in both professional and residential contexts. It can also be used as a presentation plate in a fine-dining setting. 
Create beautiful grill marks on any food that you would like to bake in your oven with this grill plate!
External Dimensions
  • 12.75in x 7in x 1.25in