Artisan Garlic Scraper Dish Set

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Each Kit Contains:
3 unique garlic scraper dishes, 1 garlic brush, 1 garlic peeler
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These artisan garlic scraper dishes are beautiful, hand-made ceramics that are perfect for the kitchen table. Designed and made in Spain, each colored glaze design is unique due to its hand-made nature. No two plates are alike!

Instead of scraping or pressing garlic behind the scenes with a kitchen tool, you can create a moment of diner participation with this dish! Scrape the garlic into a pulp using the raised ceramic texture at the center of the dish, and proceed to mix it with a splash of olive oil. Serve it as a dip with fresh bread or to pour on top of your pizza! Is this dish limited only to garlic? Absolutely not! Grate hard cheese and add your favorite spices and olive oil for the most delicious dips, grind almonds to mix with a sauce or sprinkle as a garnish. Finely grate ginger to add another dimension to your dish, or make the perfect margarita rim plate by zesting a lime and mixing in salt- the possibilities are really endless!

Each dish is approximately 5 inches in diameter - perfect for even the smallest table. These dishes come in beautifully curated sets of 3 in a lovely gift box along with a garlic peeler and brush to make the perfect gift for yourself or any gracious host or passionate foodie in your life.