Roman Pizza Al Taglio Pan - Quarter Size

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This "blue steel" quarter-size pan is the ideal choice for baking authentic Roman "pizza al taglio" in your oven. These pans can be found in use throughout Rome's "al taglio" pizzerias. Fashioned from uncoated steel, these pans must be seasoned with vegetable oil, animal fat, or salt and cleaned according to the instructions supplied with the pans.

  • Dimensions are 13" x 6.3" x 0.8" (33 x 16 x 2 centimeters)
  • Manufactured in Italy and imported by Fiero

 Download Seasoning Instructions

Please note that some Blue Steel pans may have light scratches and/or discolorations from the shipping process. It is also important to note that each pan is handmade and may have unique irregularities that do not affect the pan's quality or baking performance. Blue Steel pans are naturally intended to become coated in carbon residue and will take on a black color after repeated use. This is an expected behavior and part of the seasoning process. We take great care to package our products securely and safely, but slight imperfections may occur during transportation. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and assure you that any imperfections will not affect the pan's functionality.