Pizza alla Pala 40" Solid Baking Board

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Introducing the Pizza alla Pala 40" Solid Baking Board, the perfect companion for your "pizza alla pala" (pizza by the meter) creations. This solid board, with the same dimensions as its perforated counterpart, offers exceptional functionality and craftsmanship for achieving outstanding results.

Crafted from premium European beech wood, this solid baking board is designed to provide a reliable and sturdy surface for handling and positioning your meter-long pizzas. The integral handle built into the board ensures optimal maneuverability and a secure grip, allowing you to effortlessly transfer your pizzas with precision.

With dimensions of roughly 39-1/4" long by 12" wide by 1/3" thick (100cm x 30cm), this solid board offers ample space to accommodate large rectangular or oval-shaped pizzas. Its smooth surface ensures easy positioning and smooth gliding of your pizza dough, enabling you to create perfectly shaped and evenly baked pizzas.

The Pizza alla Pala 40" Solid Baking Board is proudly made in Italy using premium wood sourced from eco-sustainable European forests. Each board undergoes a meticulous steam-kiln drying process, ensuring moisture is evenly removed throughout the wood. This process results in a durable and long-lasting board that is highly resistant to cracking and other forms of damage.

Take your "pizza alla pala" experience to the next level with the Pizza alla Pala 40" Solid Baking Board. Its exceptional craftsmanship, reliable performance, and sustainable sourcing make it an indispensable tool for achieving remarkable pizza creations.