Pizza alla Pala 35" Solid Baking Peel with Handle

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Introducing the Pizza alla Pala 35" Solid Baking Peel with Handle, the essential tool for effortlessly maneuvering your "pizza alla pala" (pizza by the meter) in and out of the oven.

With a sleek design and precise dimensions, this solid baking peel is crafted to perfection by Italian artisans. The peel measures approximately 35 inches long by 11 4/5 inches wide by 1/3 inch thick, providing ample space for handling and transferring your pizzas. The handle, measuring 8 inches long, ensures a comfortable grip for precise control during the baking process.

Made from European steam-kiln dried beech wood, this peel exemplifies durability and reliability. The natural movement of the wood is guaranteed, as it is crafted from three parts fastened securely by steel nails, without the use of chemicals or glue. This ensures the peel maintains its structural integrity even throughout large and sudden temperature changes from use in the oven. Thanks to the steel nail construction, the peel can be returned to its original state even after suffering from thermal expansion, unlike in a glued design - simply apply a solid blow to the edge of the peel with a rubber mallet or similar soft, blunt force. 

Weighing approximately 4 lbs, this solid baking peel strikes the ideal balance between sturdiness and ease of use. Its reliable construction guarantees a long-lasting tool that will withstand the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen or home cooking environment.

Upgrade your pizza-making game with the Pizza alla Pala 35" Solid Baking Peel with Handle. Its superior craftsmanship, natural wood movement, and ergonomic design make it an indispensable tool for achieving exceptional results when working with large pizzas.